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Evolution at Your Service
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The company APC – Alcides de Sá Pinto Castro Lda, was born in the year of 1985, in Rio Meão (Portugal), however the history of manufacturing hardware reports to our predecessors since 1937, thus accumulating vast experience.


APC has as main activity the Production and Commercialization of Hardware for Furniture and Civil Construction.

APC has coming it grow of sustainable and continuous form in the last years, being today one group economical of big prominence, in the scope of the Hardware, operating in Portugal and also being a presence in several foreign markets, and continue a progressive work on exportation.


With a vast diversity of products in stainless steel, APC is a modern company, with ambition and determination in the prosecution of his objectives, fundamentally in the growth and continuous development of the its lines, for that can answer the challenges of the markets.


In the production, APC has invested in the more advanced technologies, which associated the family character of the company, on that have an excellent relation price / quality.

The elevated standards of quality of the APC products them be submitted to rigorous tests of quality, in several phases of their manufacture. The APC products characterize itself by a refined identity, conferred by the combination of the technologies with the manual processes that assure the perfection and innovation of the finish of the products.


Through a work of responsibility, creativity, and united team available for the change and for new opportunities of business, APC guarantees to his anticipation in the answer to the needs and tendencies of market.


With earnestly and reciprocal confidence of everybody we intend to correspond to the demands of the times, modernizing and contributing for the success of all of the participants.


Our brand name APC is in constant evolution and follows the changes of the modern architecture.


APC Lda.

APC - Evolution at Your Service