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Cleaning / Take Care

In the APC the types of stainless steel, utilized in the hardware are S/S 304 that is anti-magnetic; and S/S 316, that is characterized by their resistance over the duration, in specific cases. The finishes of the hardware is made by one hand by one in rigorous form, existing four finishes of stainless steel, natural or Satin, PB (color of polish brass), Bronze and PVD. The finish is manually, piece by piece, till the surface is uniform and soft to the touch.


Cleaning and Take Care

To maintain the stainless steel with a longer attractive appearance you just have to follow correctly the take care notice to assure that the passive layer stays in good state, guaranteeing the conditions for it to regenerate whenever it damages. Just a small scratch is enough for the passive layer to be removed, however a quick chemical reaction between the chrome and the oxygen assure its replacement.


Take care instructions:

  1. Before of the applying of the hardware it should be stored in dry place.
  2. They should be applied only after the treatment / varnishing of the woods and, once put in place, they should be protected until the conclusion of the work.
  3. After the applying the hardware on the doors you shouldn’t use acids or other solvents, on the floor cleaning.
  4. Avoid the use of sponges made of steel, they can scratch the passive layer and deposit residues of steel that will prevent the formation of the new layer, creating points of oxidation.
  5. Use neutral detergents and plastic sponges, always removing the detergent with clear water. You can dry them with a soft cloth.
  6. To maintain the original luster, note in which direction the steel was polished and clean with a plastic sponge, preferably nylon, always in the same direction. Valid only for satin finishing.


In the case of the 304 stainless steel, the finish may suffer corrosion due to atmospheric conditions (oxidation), it can be eliminated by cleaning the piece using a stainless steel cleaning product (for example 3M). Product available for sale.